5 Interesting Dead-Sea Facts By Pure Dead-Sea Cosmetics

                                                    5 Interesting Dead-Sea Facts

5 Amazing Dead-Sea Facts


     Let Pure Dead-Sea Cosmetics To Give You Some Pure Dead-Sea Facts

1. Surface of the water and the shore of the Dead-Sea is located at 423 meters below sea level, which makes this place the lowest portion of the land on Earth.

2. Dead-sea depth of 377 meters, It is the deepest salt lake in the world.

3. The water in the Dead-Sea is approximately 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This percentage of salinity makes the water unfit for living beings, though tiny bacteria and microfungi in it are still present.

4. According to the Bible, the Dead-Sea has been a refuge for King David. Besides, it is one of the first resorts in the world, as well as a supplier of a wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian mummification to all kinds of fertilizer.

5. The area of ​​the Dead-Sea has become a major center for health research and there are a few key reasons. Mineral content in the water is unique, in an atmosphere virtually no pollen and other allergens, because of the large depth is less than the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and atmospheric pressure is higher, which in general has a beneficial effect on health.

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