Pure Dead Sea Cosmetics company was founded in 2010 to provide customers all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of skin and hair care and healing by products that based on minerals of the Dead Sea.

During a long period of time our specialists tested a large number of companies. Among other things that were tested we gave special attention to the production technology of products such as different Dead Sea Face CreamsBody LotionsHand and Foot Cream and whether the manufacturing process meets the highest global standards.

Also we've tested what is real rise of Dead Sea Minerals contained in products that are being sold on global markets today in order to bring you only the top Dead Sea cosmetic brands. As a result of this process, we were able to isolate the leading companies in the field of Dead Sea products that we are proud to bring to our potential customers.

It should be remembered that every single one of the products we bring to your attention, whether it be Dead Sea Body LotionHand SoapBath Salt or Dead Sea Shampoo and Conditioner incorporates the most advanced production technologies and the maximum amount of Dead Sea minerals.

As the company named Pure Dead Sea Cosmetics and one of the leading sellers of Dead Sea Cosmetic brands we are obligated to collaborate only with companies which produce their products in combination of latest technology and science developments, combining knowledge and nature wonder as the Dead Sea Minerals in order to get you the natural solution that will protect and take care of your skin in way only Dead Sea Minerals can.