Chic Cosmetics


The Chic Cosmetics is an Israeli company specializes in Dead Sea products, sun protection products, nail polish products, and more. is one of the leading companies in the Israeli Cosmetic industry. It offers a wide variety of cosmetic products; anti-aging creams, powerful deodorants, skin & hair care products, and more!

A big part of their products is Dead-Sea minerals products, which are known to be very healthy and nourishing for our bodies. Chic Cosmetics are always expanding their product lines and producing new products, and the research never stops - so their products just get better and better!

The Chic-Halvin Cosmetics Group, is a merger between Chic and Halvin companies. For a few decades, Halving had been producing cosmetic products combining high technology and nature in order to benefit skin care needs. Halvin had been specializing in producing long lasting deodorants. the Chic-Halvin Group had developed anti-aging, natural and organic skincare products made from Dead Sea raw materials. The products manufactured in the Chic Cosmetics Group, have a highly quality control regulation, in order to adjust the US, European and Asian high quality standards. In Israel itself, the products are sold in thousands of shops.  Around the glob, They are sold  in over 55 countries..

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