Dead-Sea 21 Minerals


We, at Pure Dead-Sea Cosmetics sell products that are made of minerals combined with different herbs for different remedies. You can find Dead-Sea cosmetics for your hair, face-skin, body-skin, feet as well as salts for taking a soothing bath.

The therapeutic advantages of the Dead Sea made the area to be a center for health investigation.

The geographic characteristics of this region enable low amount of ultraviolet radiation, reduced allergens amounts and high air pressure in the atmosphere, all have a special health effects.

The most popular therapies involving the benefits of this area are:

  • Therapies that involves climate conditions: use of temperature, humidity, air pressure.
  • Therapies that involves the sun radiation.
  • Therapies that involves the special content of minerals in the Dead Sea water. Comparing to the Mediterranean-Sea water, for example, the Dead-Sea water holds 10-times more of the amount of minerals and salts.

The Dead Sea water is the only sea-source water that contains 21 minerals. Among these minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bitumen and Bromine. Some of these minerals are well known for their health benefits, for skin’s anti- aging, for relaxation and anti- stress, treating metabolic disorders and for stimulating the cardiovascular system.

The present of the minerals in the human body is about 4%, but is highly important and serve in crucial biological processes. Intracellular communication becomes possible thanks to the traces of mineral, participating in skin cell renewal and transmitting signals. Minerals also activate skin renewal by improving cell interaction, stimulating biological processes for nourishing top skin layer and maintaining the hydration amounts. Minerals are absorbed externally by the food and not formed by our body, they can be supplied by the skin layers and be used for internal biological processes.   

The Dead Sea minerals:


Sodium participates in the maintenance of the pH level in the body and regulate the fluid levels.  Sodium ion has great skin-penetration character and its hygroscopic nature binds it to water and Keep the hydration of the skin. It is very effective for treating very dry skin symptoms.


Magnesium is crucial for more than 200 biological processes and building progressions in the human body. Magnesium contributes to the skeleton building processes, supplement of energy to the cells and in the creation of proteins. Magnesium has been widely known for its treating effect on psoriasis and savories patients. It is also known for its anti-allergic influence and it is essential for cell metabolism.


Pottasium  balances the pH levels of the skin and maintain the hydration levels. Potassium salt has been widely known for its treating effect on Asthma patients by inhalation of its vapors. It was found to improve the nervous and mussels system circulation.     Bromine Bromine  helps in penetration of nutrients to the skin membranes, it has antioxidant nature to prevent free radical formation and has a role in the synthesis of proteins. Bromide has a unique soothing effect, encouraging anti-stress and relaxation.   Bitumen The dark natural tar that the salts contain is named Bitumen. The Bitumen is known for its anti-inflammatory character.  


The Chloride is essential for cell-metabolism; it regulates the alkaline/acid balance in our body.


Iodine is essential for the thyroxin hormone creation, and is known for being crucial for the energy of the cell and for its metabolism.   Calcium Calcium is the most important minerals for the human body since it is the core element of the body’s skeleton.  The Calcium is known for its support on cell membranes. It plays an important role of cleaning the membrane pores. It is necessary in strengthening teeth and bones and it regulates the alkaline/acid balance in our body


Zinc is participate in the immune processes and in cell communication procedures such as division and growing. Zinc ion participates enzymatic procedures and cell proliferation processes. It also regulate the acidity levels and helps in healing wounds processes..