Dead Sea Black Mud - Uses and Benefits

 Dead Sea Black Mud - Uses and Benefits 


Dead Sea Black Mud


The Dead-Sea Black Mud benefits your body in many ways. The Dead-Sea minerals are blended into the mud and can penetrate your pores and nourish your skin. It will help Psoriasis, Acne, irritation and even back-pains and Arthritis.

1. Overview

The Dead Sea, a unique and intriguing lake located in the Middle East, bordered by Israel, Jordan and the west bank, has become one of the most interesting lakes in the world. The Dead Sea has the lowest sea level of water on earth which makes it a mineral treasure. The geographic and geological surroundings created optimal conditions to provide unique combination of minerals in its silt and mud. The Dead Sea mud is used to cure all kind of pains, skin diseases and infections such as psoriasis, breathing problems and back pain.

2. Psoriasis and other skin illnesses

Dead Sea Black Mud has natural high concentration of salt and minerals, therefore has been found to be effective in relief and heeling of skin problems as psoriasis. The mud can be applied as a compress directly on the psoriasis areas in order to decrease the illness symptoms and help reduce inflammation and pain.

3. Dry and irritated skin

The Dead Sea Mud has the optimal composition of natural components in order to benefit the skin by making it more elastic and better barrier. The salt and minerals in the Dead Sea mud is one of the healthier natural skin treatments. For dry and irritated skin, a Dead Sea mud mask for the face and body, can nursed the skin, remove dead skin and impurities it. The mud treatment will make the skin look healthier.

4. Inflammatory Arthritis

The salt and minerals in the Dead Sea Black Mud has been found to improve the pain and symptoms in people suffering from inflammatory arthritis. Applying mud on the areas affected by the disease can help decrease the symptoms. The treatment should be constant in order to achieve a good, long-term result.

5. Lower back pain

Studies had found, that Dead Sea Black Mud compress, which was applied consistently on painful parts of the back, can help people with lower back pain. The treatment should be daily for a few weeks.

6. Acne treatment

The Dead Sea Mud had been examined carefully and found to contain an antibacterial effect on some bacteria. Bacteria had been found to exist and reproduce on the human skin some of them causing acne condition. Facial acne is a result of bacteria which reproduce on face and upper body. Dead Sea Mud is used in various cosmetic products to help heal from acne problems.




When and how to use Dead Sea Black Mud

Applying Dead Sea Mud on the skin in order to treat certain conditions is healthy and benefits most people. But, there are some conditions were it should not be used. The mud is not recommended to people who are sensitive to metals, due to traces of some metals found in the natural Dead Sea Mud.
Dead Sea Mud should be used for external use only. Consuming the mud for long period of time or in large amount can be toxic.

7. Summery

Dead Sea Mud products had been tested and proven to be safe and beneficial to the human skin. The mud has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that are utilize for various cosmetic products.
The Dead Sea Mud products are not to be used in order to replace prescription medication, but only to be a low-risk treatment to help some conditions. Even though, the mud is safe, in case of sensitivity or drought, consult your doctor. Before using any product, be sure to test a small area of your skin to avoid allergy or other kind of sensitivity.


Black Mud from the Dead Sea