Dead-Sea Hair Care

Dead-Sea Hair Care Products designed to take care of your hair with a combination of the amazing qualities of Dead Sea Minerals and the most advanced production technology of beauty products. 

Use our Dead-Sea Hair Products to give your hair the treatment and protection from different kinds of environmental damage.

It should be remembered that every single one of the Dead Sea Hair products we bring to your attention whether it be Dead Sea Shampoo or Conditioner it is thoroughly tested and contains the maximum amount of Dead Sea minerals.

Our hair is ALIVE - Please treat it right! Always favor natural ingredients and keep away from 2-in-one combos. Try not to use hair dryers, and let your hair dry by itself. Provide your hair the vitality from inside out with Pure Dead-Sea sensational hair care products!

All Pure Dead-Sea Hair Care Products are Parabens, SLS/SLES free and contain 21 minerals from original Dead Sea source.

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12 of 12 Items