Do You Know The Dead-Sea Cosmetics Secret?

                          Do You Know The Dead-Sea Cosmetics Secret?

The Dead-Sea Cosmetics Secret


Let Pure Dead-Sea Cosmetics Tell You A Few Secrets:

Already in ancient times the Dead-Sea is famous for its special properties. The most beautiful Queen Cleopatra, aware of its amazing properties, used salt and Dead-Sea mud to preserve her youth and beauty. 

The composition of the Dead-Sea minerals is similar to human blood and lymph composition. This is the main reason why the Dead-Sea cosmetic products are so effective and popular.

The main Dead-Sea gifts for cosmetology are its salt and dirt. This is the original Dead-Sea cosmetics. It is believed that in a pure form, without any artificial additives they are most useful and important for human body.

On the basis of these two unique products Dead-Sea Cosmetic Companies produce a variety of masks and creams for face and body' lotions, bath products, cosmetics and even soap wraps based on minerals.Cosmetic products based on the Dead-Sea also have a number of useful and unique benefits. 

Treatments using Dead-Sea cosmetics have an osmotic pressure on the cell membranes, thereby accelerating the process of skin renewal, improving its streight. The result - a gentle structure and beautiful appearance of your skin.

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