Pure Dead-Sea Face Care

Pure Dead-Sea Face Care Products designed to take care of your skin with a combination of the amazing qualities of Dead Sea Minerals and the most advanced production technology of beauty products. 

Pure Fact
The Dead Sea atmosphere creates a "shield" of pure clear air, that makes the sun-rays become lighter…

Use our Pure Dead-Sea Face Creams to give your skin the protection it needs from the free radicals which cause skin cell aging.

Pure Dead Sea Face Care products are strengthening the skin, tightening the pores and hydrating it. All that makes the skin soft, gives it the mineral and vitamin balance, provides protection and the great look only healthy skin can have.Your skin will be protected from different kinds of environmental damages. Pure Dead-Sea products were specially developed to give your skin a special anti-aging effect. The unique formula in all of our cream sorts wiil also maintain the nourishment, glow and softness of your skin!

Your skin is your natural jewel - Please treat it right! Always favor natural ingredients and keep away from 2-in-one combos. Try not to expose your skin to direct sun at noon hours. Provide your skin the vitality from inside out with Pure Dead-Sea sensational face care products!

All Pure Dead-Sea Hair Care Products are Parabens, SLS/SLES free and contain 21 minerals from original Dead Sea source.

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