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  • The complete Dead Sea Skin Care Products Kit
  •  Dead Sea Pomegranate Shower Gel gives your skin special softness
  • Pure Dead Sea unique Shower Sponge will do magic for your skin
  • Dead Sea Body Lotion takes care of your skin
  • Pomegranate Foot Cream includes all the benefits of Dead Sea Minerals
  • Dead Sea Pomegranate Hand Cream protects your hands

Pure Dead Sea Pomegranate Skin Care Products Kit

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Pure Dead Sea


 Skin Care Products Kit

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Our Pomegranate Skin Care Products Kit which includes our special Pomegranate Sponge, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Foot Cream and Hand Cream allows you to have the complete body treatment at your own home. The ultimate Dead Sea Skin Care Products Kit in one ultimate deal. Pomegranate is well known for his antioxidant qualities. By protecting your skin from environment damages, Dead Sea Pomegranate Skin Care Products Kit provides you the ultimate anti-aging solution.

The Pure Dead Sea Pomegranate Skin Care Products Kit is the refreshing and essential combination of:

1. Dead Sea Pomegranate Shower Gel

2. Dead Sea Pomegranate Sponge 

3. Dead Sea Pomegranate Body lotion

4. Dead Sea Pomegranate Foot Cream

5. Dead Sea Pomegranate Hand Cream

Your skin will be both protected and taken care of by the unique qualities of our products.

As a great source of vitamins A, C and E, tannins (the organic compound produced by flowers), anthocyanins (the flower's defense mechanism responsible for UV protection) and other minerals Pomegranate fruit contains high level of antioxidants which keep your skin from aging.

Our unique Dead Sea Pomegranate Sponge which is enriched with vitamin E and Pomegranate juice will help you to increase the cleaning,renewing end anti-aging effects for your skin to the maximum. It helps the minerals and vitamins to penetrate deeper into your skin cells what allows the treatment be much more effective. Best used with our Pomegranate Shower Gel.

Our rich with antioxidants and free of paraben Dead Sea Pomegranate Shower Gel takes a great care of your body skin. It will gently clean your body from the damaging influence of the free radicals which ages your skin, will provide the necessary anti-bacterial treatment and will give your skin the kind of softness that you always wanted. For the full effect of care and protection we strongly recommend to use it in combination with our Dead Sea body lotion or our Dead sea body butter.

Our special Dead Sea Pomegranate Body Lotion is made to give you all the unique qualities of Pomegranate in combination with the best of Dead Sea minerals the way your body skin needs it. While it protects your skin from external damaging influence of the free radicals, the Pomegranate body lotion stimulates skin's natural renewal process, prevents aging signs and keeps your body skin soft and smooth.

Our Dead Sea Pomegranate Foot Cream is based on unique formula which developed particularly to provide the nourishment which your foot skin cells need to regenerate themselves. The Dead Sea Foot Cream gives your feet the immediate relief  even when the skin is seriously dry and rough.

The Pomegranate Dead Sea Skin Care Products Kit also includes Dead Sea Pomegranate Hand Cream is ideal to keep your hands from getting dry and protects your hands from the free radical by it's antioxidant ingredients. This protection promotes skin renewal and gives your skin great softness and fragrance.


After putting the Pure Dead Sea Pomegranate Sponge under hot water, Use it for gently massage of your body. Pay particular attention to the areas that require deep cleansing. At the end of the treatment, dry the sponge by hanging it on the hook or a hanger. This way the Dead Sea sponge will dry hygienically and quickly. Use daily for the best results.

Apply a small amount of Dead Sea Pomegranate Shower Gel on the sponge. During the shower massage your body with particular attention to areas like elbows, knees and feet. External use only.

After a bath or a shower when your skin is still slightly moist rub the desired amount of Pure Dead Sea Pomegranate Body Lotion until it will absorb in. External use only.

Apply a small amount of the Pomegranate Hand Cream to your hands. Massage the cream gently to your hands and elbows for about a full minute. External use only.

Liberally apply the Pure Dead Sea Pomegranate Foot Cream on your feet and allow it to fully absorb. Use two or three times a day in case of serious roughness. External use only.





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Shower Gel:
500 mL
Shower Sponge:
0.1 gr
Body Lotion:
Hand Cream:
Foot Care:

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