Pure Dead-Sea SPA

Pure Dead-Sea SPA products capture all natural ingredients, contains Dead-Sea Minerals and essential vitamins. Relaxing and smoothing your skin.

Pure Fact
The Dead-Sea mud has been used for remedies since ancient-times, thanks to the high concentrated natural minerals that are essential for a vital skin and body…

The 21 Dead-Sea minerals that capture the energy for vital life are combined in each and every one of Pure Dead-Sea SPA Cosmetics products.
Pure Dead Sea revitalizing SPA products contain nutrients anti-oxidant components that prevent free-radicals formation and encourage anti-aging processes. The natural ingredients will inspire relaxation, reduce toxins, lessen stress symptoms and will stimulant the penetration of moisture to the skin. Use Pure Dead-Sea SPA Cosmetics Products for a silky, shine nourished skin that will make you glow!

Your body is the reflection of your sole - Pamper your body with a relaxing bath, using “Pure Dead-Sea” salts, body butters and shower gels, all enriched with vitamins, Dead Sea minerals and essential natural organic oils. Treasure the secrets of the Dead-Sea depth and enjoy the sense of renewal!

All Pure Dead-Sea Hair Care Products are Parabens, SLS/SLES free and contain 21 minerals from original Dead Sea source.

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12 of 22 Items