Pure Dead-Sea


After years of evolvement the first products of the brand Pure Dead Sea were brought to the market inyear 2010. The unique formulas of Pure Dead Sea Products were developed by leading specialists in cosmetics and dermatology field. Most of the developers among other individuals which operating the company are well aware of the cosmetic and medical benefits of the Dead Sea since they have lived and worked near by for the most of their lives.

As a result of years of research and development Pure Dead Sea company succeeded to create a large range of cosmetic products which combines between natural flowers extract and Dead Sea minerals for the maximum benefit to your skin. 

All Pure Dead Sea products are manufactured in accordance with world's highest standards, they are SLS, SLES, Paraben free and were never tested on animals.

All the Products of Pure Dead Sea company are made from natural ingredients combined with Dead-Sea Minerals carved from the Dead-Sea and were not tested on animals.

Pure Dead Sea is one of the very few companies in the word which has a trade mark on the name Dead Sea. As the result, is a proven fact that all of the products contain authentic Dead Sea Minerals

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12 of 28 Items