Why Dead-Sea??

                            The Results of Dead-Sea Treatment Research

Dead-Sea Medical Research

The effectiveness of treatment at the Dead-Sea for various diseases : dermatological, rheumatic, pulmonary - has been repeatedly proven in medical studies. The conclusions reached during the research were published in professional journals.

Patients with psoriasis were the first patients who have seen life-giving effects of the Dead Sea and heal - fully or partially - from his illness, this category of patients is bigest among the patients who come to the Dead Sea for treatment.

The treatment of patients with psoriasis involves a gradual increase in exposure to the sun, combined with baths in the Dead Sea and the moderate use of ointments. This can be emollients (such as body oils or petrolatum), or ointment containing tar, salicylic acid or sulphides. daily care procedure shall be determined after a medical examination and to determine the pace of recovery of the patient, documented medical and nurses. During inspection, it was determined that the optimum treatment including a month at the Dead Sea, with the proviso that the patient will subsequently hold the sun three o'clock every day throughout the year. Stay for a month at the Dead Sea gives results that correspond to the usual medications, but the benefits of treatment at the Dead Sea are obvious. The most significant is the absence of side effects inherent in the medication. Another advantage of the Dead Sea treatments - a complete lack of dependence on strong ointments, prolonged use is often fraught with some danger and in some cases is contraindicated in children. The duration of remission after treatment at the Dead Sea is on average five months, approximately the same as after the traditional treatment of psoriasis. However, the number of subsequent relapse and their intensity is several times smaller than in the ordinary exposure of drugs. Finally, almost all patients who visited the Dead Sea resorts quickly acclimatize, feel comfortable and eager to continue in the future here owl treatment dermatitis patients - the second largest group of patients coming for treatment at the Dead Sea. They receive treatment similar to that which is given to patients with psoriasis, but with some notable exceptions. Sun and sea baths are usually postponed for a few days. The reaction of the patient is continuously monitored. Definition of terms of patient care is carried out more carefully than in the treatment of other diseases. The process of treatment of patients with dermatitis is conducted at a slower pace, as the gradual acclimatization of the patient. The recommended treatment time is at four and six weeks. The most optimal treatment results are achieved in the period between March and June and between October and December.

Suffering from vitiligo got a 4-week course of treatment, based on the heliotherapy and thalassotherapy. The most successful results were observed in the event that the patient returns to the Dead Sea for repeat treatment after a year, the success of treatment of rheumatic diseases to a great extent contributes to a unique set of favorable factors: high temperature, low humidity, high barometric pressure, air oxygen saturation and great content of bromine in water. According to one study, patients with rheumatoid arthritis after seven frost treatment (which included a stay at the Dead Sea and the hot springs) argued that experienced significant relief. According to them, dramatically reduces pain and tension in the back and arms. More importantly, that half of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, previous course of treatment at the Dead Sea, is completely stopped or dramatically reduced the medications. Balneotherapy is often recommended for non-acute manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis, while the effectiveness of this method for patients with severe inflammation questioned. However, a recent study showed that patients suffering from acute rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment at the Dead Sea brings considerable relief. There has been a decrease in the duration of morning stiffness, increases the capacity for movement and muscular strength hand during compression. Treatment is complex and includes a mud bath, and sulfide. The improvement in the patient's condition is observed within three months after two weeks of treatment. It does not show any side effects. Studies on klamatoterapevticheskomu treating patients with psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis of the knee, also show a significant improvement in the patient's condition after his return home.